Our research in action

Through research, the Landlord Leaders community aims to start a conversation towards creating a fair sector for all, which protects the rights and interests of both landlords and tenants, ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability.

December 2023

Research: A Future Tenant Standard

As part of the Landlord Leaders community's mission to drive positive change for the Private Rented Sector, we have brought the tenant voice to the table through new proprietary research.

A Future Tenant Standard is the result of surveying 1,500 renters, 500 recent home buyers and 500 future renters to produce a deep-dive into the Private Rented Sector from a tenant perspective.

January 2022

Research: A New Environment for the Private Rented Sector

We set out to understand the changing shape of the Private Rented Sector through an ESG lens to help shape our strategy, support our broker partners and deliver the support our landlord clients need today and looking forwards.

Landlord Leaders is the culmination of polling more than 1,000 landlords and 200 brokers, plus in-depth interviews across the industry alongside data analysis, to meet that goal. The Landlord Leaders as we have termed them are embracing three major drivers – environmental action; societal impact and entrepreneurialism for growth – to thrive and succeed.

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